Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Talk about random thoughts ...

... I've decided I'm going to keep a post open at work and just write down things that I happen to think about at that moment. And of course the idiocies of the people I work with.

*In the meantime, I found this sign that explains my feelings about the Cubs-White Sox rivalry in a nutshell. I cheer for all Chicago teams -- except the White Sox. I worship the Cubs and Bears, with the Blackhawks and Bulls close behind. But the White Sox? When the Cubs win the World Series this year, Chicago fans will know what a celebration is all about. I don't even count the 2005 World Series. Their fans really do remind me of Redskins fans. Truly, bitter people; sore losers. As Ken "Hawk" Harrelson would say (I can't believe I'm even mentioning him in my blog): "They gone."

*I've got to get back in the gym Wednesday. Missed a couple of days, part of it because of Sunday's Super Bowl party, and part because of the visit to H&R Block today. That didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, and I didn't bring my workout stuff with me. I'm such a Dumb Dora because Gold's Gym is in the same little strip mall. Stupid reasons I know, but I've set a goal and plan to reach it. Got that cruise coming up, and then softball.

*Speaking of softball, check out www.mediasoftball.net. I'm the coach of the champions of the Metropolitan Media Softball League.

*One of my fantasy baseball leagues has started its draft. I just realized I need a shortstop. I can't go into the season with Ronny Cedeno, who probably won't even make the Cubs out of spring training this season. What the hell was I thinking trading away Derek Jeter last year??

*I asked my sister to check out my new blog and then asked what she thought of it. "Good, but a little long in places." Whatever Mary. She got spoiled by Ed's nice blog I guess: www.edwardmunz.com. Check it out. But you'll be back.

*So then Ed puts in his two-cents worth: "You might want to break it up a little." It's my blog, so I'll do it my way. I could just see what would happen if I told Ed how to do his blog. Hello Pot, this is kettle ... you are so black ...

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