Friday, February 16, 2007

Spring has sprung!

Pitchers and catchers have reported! Nevermind Puxatawney Phil, the real first indicator of spring is when baseball's start filling the air in Florida and Arizona.

Which brings me to my Chicago Cubs. They seem to make the news for the darndest things.

1. The Cubs announced that Wrigley Field would start putting advertisements on the 12-foot doors in the ballpark’s right- and left-field ivy-covered brick walls. Under Armour will be first. I guess it's OK, but if they start putting Victoria's Secret out there, a line will have been crossed.

2. Pitcher Carlos Zambrano backtracked on his statement that he would leave the Cubs if he didn't have a new contract by the end of spring training. Something about being misunderstood or having his comments misconstrued. While I'm in "Big Z's" corner, the guy needs to admit that he said what he said.

3. Kerry Wood. I love you man. But what else could possibly go wrong? Since the 2003 National League Championship Series you and Mark Prior have carried -- and dropped -- the hopes of a lot of Cubs fans. And now Wood gets hurt falling out of a hut tub. He says it's nothing serious, but being a Cub fan I'm already starting to worry.

The cartoon, courtesy of the late Charles Shulz, carries the feelings of a lot of Cubs fans over the years.

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