Monday, February 19, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars

It's back, and not a moment too soon. The Amazing Race, to me, is the best show on television. You've got a little of everything -- comedy, drama, catfights, you travel the world for free -- and in the end you win $1 million. Now that's the life.

Episode 1 was great. It was good to see host Phil Koegan and some old faces again. Everybody hates Rob and Amber (pictured) and think their 15 minutes have turned into about 3 hours. I agree. Please, somebody, get these people real jobs. They've turned Survivor and AR into their own cable channel for God's sake. And they finished first Sunday night!!! I'm so jealous. That should be Ed and I.

I'm really surprised John Vito and Jill were eliminated. They were too. But they got lost, went to a wrong entrance and that cost them. I thought Myrna and Chymrna might go first, or baldies Kevin and Drew.

I'm cheering for Danny and Oswald (team Cha-Cha-Cha) and Kentucky (even though appear to be as Kentucky as the last time they were on). Please get rid of Terry and Ian (though I understand them a little better knowing he used to be an undercover cop). And need I say more about the Beauty Queens? They're blond for goodness sake.

Kevin and Drew were highlights: Drew getting passed by little person Charla while racing to a clue, Drew driving on a flat tire and rim, and this exchange:

Drew: "Peru is nice. It's beautiful out."
Kevin: "I'm sure it's nice in Peru. We're in Ecuador."

Can't wait til next week, which looks GREAT.

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