Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow update IV

Well, the world as we know it still exists. The doom and gloom predictions were wrong again. We ended up with about 2 inches of sleet -- which is not bad considering how many trees are in and around my yard. Had we got the freezing rain that they were calling for, we might have ended up with limbs in and on our house. At least the dogs are having fun in this mess.

Here's a picture of the homestead.

It sucks because I really wanted the foot of snow they were calling for a week ago. I guess if I want to see that much snow I need to go to New England, where the storm is heading now -- or upstate New York. Man, more than 100 inches of snow. The D.C. area would be shut down for weeks. As it is, schools and airports are closed today. But then they sometimes close down if there's a forecast of snow.

Off to the gym I go ...

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