Monday, February 26, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars, Episode 2

"Miserable game, this Race."

Yet Rob and Amber are still in first place. Those words were spoken by Rob when he and Amber and Danny and Oswald missed a flight because their previous flight was delayed, moving them from first to last. Despite that, they take the leg anyway, winning 2 motorcycles after winning a trip last week. I think they are on this earth just to annoy me. Though it was nice to see there might be a crack in their bliss.

Kevin and Drew were eliminated. I had been a fan of the two in the past, but I think it was a good thing they were ousted Sunday. Drew was a whiner, didn't follow directions and seemed to quit late in the leg. He even tried to show up Phil on the mat. Very uncomfortable indeed. I felt sorry for Kevin.

And how Kentucky (the coal miners) got on this show perplexes me. Neither one seems very bright and seems to have learned nothing from past shows. Yet they are still alive. And if it's possible, Myrna and Chmyrna are getting more annoying by the day.

I'm still cheering for Danny and Oswald. Team Guido and Eric and Danielle have surprised me, though Eric's road block in the boardroom took FOREVER. He did not have an eye for detail.

Can't wait til next week. Then I'll have to catch up on 2 episodes when I get back from my cruise.

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