Saturday, March 3, 2007

Packing day

Today Ed and I are going to get the majority of our packing done for the cruise, which is now only 8 days away. It's going to take forever to get here, then it's going to be gone in a flash. Anyway ... we're doing most of the packing today because by the end of the week, when Josh, Cheryl and Val get here, it'll be too busy around the house to get anything done.

Our plan is to take two individual bags, a hanging bag, Ed's computer and my backpack. I found two Reebok bags at Target (don't you just love Target?) yesterday for $24.99 each. Perfect size and great price. The hanging bag is for our formal night clothing. The backpack will come in handy when we're out on our excursions. The computer is coming for one main reason -- so we can get our NCAA Tournament pools in on time. And to recharge our iPods. And who travels anywhere without a computer anymore?

We just have to remember to leave a little space in one of the bags for any souvenirs we might bring back. And I know of several coming back from the Bacardi Rum distillery in San Juan.

I just had a "discussion" about this with Ed, who didn't see the need to take a hanging bag. First, wrinkles. Second, see above.

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