Monday, March 5, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars, Episode 3

I really hate Rob & Amber. But, I would hope that if Ed and I or Cheryl and I had ever got on the show, we would play the game like they are playing it now.

Once again, R&A showed up at the pit stop first. That's three in a row, with a home gym added to the trip and motorcycles they won previously. At this point I don't see anybody who is going to be able to beat them. Maybe Oswald & Danny or Uchenna & Joyce.

And finally, mercifully, David & Mary are gone. Elmininated. Ousted. Dust. One for the books. Very likeable, the Kentucky Coal Miners. But not very bright.

As for the other teams Sunday night? Team Guido, the Beauty Queens and Myrna & Chmyrna are lucky to still be in the race. Poor Danielle -- Eric's pretty to look at, but geez, that elevator doesn't go to the top floor. Ian and Terry are still annoying.

The highlights of the night:
1. Watching as several struggled with the Roadblock, which had one team member transporting giant fish -- 80 of them -- from one tank to another. Some people really don't like fish. And Eric? What a jerk he was to Danielle.
2. Wishing I was on that rapids ride in the Detour. That looked like fun. And how funny was it when Terry fell off her raft? She was a trooper though. Got right back on.

Now I won't be able to catch up on AR for two weeks. We'll be traveling to and from our cruise.

I think that's OK.

Rob & Amber photo courtesy CBS

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