Monday, March 26, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars

Give them credit -- Mirna and Chymrna are two tough cookies. For the second week in a row the two cousins from Maryland came in first to retain their lead.

I haven't liked them too much this season -- they're pretty whiny. But they've definitely outsmarted the pack in the last two legs and could be the team to beat (I can't believe I'm saying that).

My favorites -- Oswald and Danny -- were a close second.

Terry and Ian were eliminated -- thank God. They were in a close battle with Team Guido, who barely beat them to the pit stop and survived another week.

Uchenna and Joyce, who were marked for elimination last week, finished third despite the 30-minute penalty. And my favorite homophobes, Eric and Danielle, argued their way into surviving another week. I really hope they are the next to go.

Six teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?

Charla and Mirna photo courtesy CBS

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