Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back to reality

Now that the vacation is over and Josh has gone home, it's full-bore back to the gym.

Had another nice workout today. Stepped on the scale when I got home and I'm now at 171. I've lost 18 pounds since Jan. 16. Pretty proud of that. Especially since we ate like pigs on the cruise. I'm aiming for another 5-10 so I can be between 160-165 by the time softball starts April 21.

Speaking of Josh -- it was really nice to see him and get him out of Arkansas for a while. I think he really enjoyed watching the dogs while we were gone, especially Zoe -- Zoe was actually named Origami when Josh and Brenda had him. I felt bad for him though because he was sick a couple of days. He's got a skin condition called cellulitis that really knocks him out when it hits. He was feeling pretty good, though, by the time he left, and he was able to see some sights in D.C. while he was here.

He's talking about coming back and possibly even moving here. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

hey uncle mark, had a great time in dc, cant wait to go back and see some more sights and maybe catch a nationals game. tell ed, jeff and courtney i said what up.


K.C said...

o my gosh.150!! i hate you! :-)225 in IL and thats working out 6 days a week.