Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cruise wrapup ... for now

Ed had a wonderful recap of our last day of vacation -- namely, the trip off the boat. He hit the nail on the head on everything. Click here

My run-in with the Broward County (Fla.) idiots went something like this: I was carrying two heavy bags and a back pack. I stopped for a moment to switch hands/arms and was greeted by an "official" woman who said: "You can't stop there. You'll have to move along and take that stuff with you."

To which I stopped, looked at her and said: "Sure. As soon as I grow another arm." She glared at me as I did what I stopped to do and then walked away.

The people on the boat: Wonderful.
The people you see immediately upon leaving the boat: Rude and unfriendly.
The majority of the people we dealt with at Fort Lauderdale International Airport: See directly above.

It'd be nice if somebody from Celebrity Cruises, American Airlines and Broward County actually read our blogs. They might learn something.

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