Sunday, March 4, 2007

Gym update

Isn't this a lovely picture? And before anybody asks, NO, neither one is me.

Have I have said how much I hate the gym? I really do despise it. But you can't argue with results.

When I started this trek Jan. 16, I weighed 189 pounds. Today, I'm down to 174. My ultimate goal is between 160 and 165, which is what I've weighed most of my life (except for high school, when I weighed about 180. I called it baby fat, but I digress).

Seriously, if there was another way to do this without having to go to the gym or workout, I'd do it.

But I'll keep at it. The cruise is only a week away and softball is right behind.

And as far as looking like Charles Atlas? Umm, sure. Like that's going to happen. IF I did everything the trainer said I MIGHT look like Charles Atlas.

I'll do my thing and be happy with the results. Or not.

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