Friday, March 23, 2007

More cruise photos ...

... Ed burned a CD/DVD of all of our cruise photos, and even put many of them online. Click here

These are just a few of my favorites -- including parasailing of course. One of the guys running the boat was one of the hottest guys I've ever seen -- after my Ed of course. Actually, both guys were hot.

Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic was beautiful, but there was just nothing to do there. We went on a "Kayak Adventure," if you want to call it that. We also found this flower, which I thought was fascinating. Before it blooms it looks like one of those pods from the movie Alien.

St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands was, as usual, the best stop on the trip. It was Ed and I's second trip there. We decided we could live there. Here's a picture of Cheryl, Val, Ed and I at Paradise Point, which overlooks the marina/harbor.

The water in the Bahamas was stunning. So blue and crystal clear. Would like to go back there when we have more time.

Until next time ...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, Enjoyed looking at your parasailing photo's, I'm interesed in setting up a parasailing business, in the caribbean's.
I would like to know what you thought of the experiance and would you do it again?
I am doing my research, at the moment, will like a feed back, when you have time, or any information you have on the subject.
Awaiting your reply