Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plucked out of the air ...

... The theme of this blog is random thoughts, so that's what I'll give you today.

*Packers fans rank right up there with Steelers, Redskins and Cowboys as possibly the most obnoxious in the NFL. Like I said in a previous post, crown their asses already. It'll be nice to see all those Cheeseheads crawl back into their holes when the Bears knock Aaron Rodgers on his ass Sunday. (If the Bears lose, I take all that back. Except the part about those four teams' fans being obnoxious.)

*Speaking of Dennis Green (from above), please enjoy this compilation of wig outs.

*Yay! Russell and Rob are going to be on Survivor: Redemption Island. Two of the most hated/loved competitors to ever be on the show. I can't wait. It starts Feb. 16. The Amazing Race starts up again Feb. 20.

*I gotta work out today. Shoulders & Arms. Gotta find the motivation. One good thing though -- I'm into Round 3, Week 2 of the P90X program and the soreness is already starting to go away. I should be able to find my motivation from the softball pictures below. Yup. That'll do it.

Update: Workout complete!

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