Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Milk, bread and toilet paper

*OK, so now the weather gods have changed the forecast again, and we are under a Winter Storm watch tomorrow for a possible five or more inches.

Really? Haven't we been through this before? We've been on the verge of about five BIG storms this winter and have diddly to show for it.

Funny, this sudden change in the forecast. Me thinks a conspiracy really does exist between grocery stores and the National Weather Service. Perfect timing for this watch, too. It gives everybody just enough time to turn every grocery store in the area into a frenzy as the shelves empty of milk, bread and toilet paper. Because everybody knows that five inches is going to keep us from seeing the rest of the human race for weeks.

We had 40 inches of snow on the ground last winter and were without power four days over Super Bowl weekend. We survived.

It doesn't matter anyway. We'll wake up Thursday morning to no snow.

*So the Oscar nominations were announced today. Out of the 10 up for Best Picture, I only saw True Grit, and it was very good. It'd actually be kind of cool if Jeff Bridges won Best Actor for the same role John Wayne played to win his only Oscar.

Can't believe I didn't see any others, and I really wanted to. Like The Social Network, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, The King's Speech, 127 Hours, Toy Story 3. Oh well.

And kudos to "I might be gay" James Franco (above left) for being nominated for 127 Hours. And he gets to co-host the show with the next Catwoman, Anne Hathaway. That'll be fun to watch.

Gotta get out to more movies though. But when they start getting up to $10 a ticket, not to mention what you spend on refreshments, it can get pretty pricey. Maybe that's why the box office was down last year.

And with all the technology now available in your own home, why leave?

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