Thursday, January 20, 2011

New layout/design

So what do you think? I figured it was time to do something different, though I really did like my previous format. But that one was so old I don't even think they offer it anymore.

Gotta take Josh to get his new iPhone today. No, not the 4. Ed and I would both kill him if he got it before we did. He's joining the real world today by getting a 3GS. He's still using the original iPhone. An iPhone geek once made fun of him by saying something along the lines of "You still have that?" There's no reason to get an iPhone 4 now anyway. The 5s will be out before you know it.

And I've decided that since I'm taking him to get his new toy, he has to take me to lunch. I'll figure out where along the way. Five Guys? Quiznos? Who knows?

Now, for your enjoyment, please enjoy today's gratuitous anti-Packers photo.

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