Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Idol Survivor Brother

*I will start by saying that I was very disappointed cutie boy/male stripper David Hernandez was voted off of American Idol last week. What was America thinking by keeping Kristy Lee Cook? Her bad Dolly Parton take on the Beatles' Eight Days a Week was like listening to somebody scratching their fingernails on a chalk board.

Oh well. I guess David's past really did come back to bite him in the ass, so to speak.

Favorite David Archuleta had another forgettable night, forgetting the words to We Can Work It Out. And I have to say that Carly Smithson might be my favorite now.

*James is back in the house on Big Brother after having been voted off 10 minutes before. After America voted to have Alex possibly return to the house, the Houseguests voted instead to bring back what they already know best, and that would be the freak with the pink mohawk. The Head of Household competition went well into the night, so tonight's episode should be a good one.

*Chet's gone from Survivor, which is probably a good thing. I have to say that in all the years I've been watching Survivor, he's the first that I thought just didn't belong. He was hurt, true, but he just seemed out of place and didn't perform very well in challenges.

Jonathan Penner is gone too, and that's just too bad. He had an injury that had gotten infected, and in fact had to have surgery when he left the show to clean the infection and possibly avoid losing his leg and even his life. I think he had a good chance of winning.

My favorite continues to be Ozzie. But Oz, here's some advice -- don't get too comfortable, and don't get too full of yourself or you could be the next voted off.

Jonathan Penner photo courtesy CBS

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