Monday, April 2, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars

Team Guido is kaput.

Bill and Joe just couldn't make up the 30 minutes they were penalized for finishing last in last week's episode. They actually made up a 16-hour deficit and beat Eric and Danielle to the pit stop in Poland, but those 30 minutes were the killer.

As for Eric and Danielle, I really want to like him, but he keeps making stupid comments, like calling Team Guido a "couple of nellies." But if I had to hear Danielle barking in my ear all the time, I'd probably let a lot of expletives fly. Hopefully they are the next to go.

Oswald and Danny, and Uchenna and Joyce tied for first, joining together at the first intersection/fast forward of the race. They are my favorites to make it to the final two.

The Beauty Queens had to wait four hours at the intersection only to be paired up with their worst enemies, Mirna and Charla. The road block had them making and then eating 2 feet of sausage. Watching Charla try to stuff 2 feet of sausage into a body that's barely more than 2 feet tall was quite humorous. And for the second week in a row we got to see Charla vomit!

Who knew the Amazing Race was a comedy? And boy do I wish every episode were at least 2 hours long.

Team Guido photo courtesy CBS

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