Monday, April 23, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars

Oswald and Danny are still alive, but by the skin of their teeth.

They are still my favorites to win, but they made a pact with the devil on Sunday night (the Beauty Queens) and it nearly came back to "bite them in the ass" (their words).

Danny and Oswald were out of money, so they made a deal with the BQ's -- if you give us some cash, we'll "Yield" Eric and Danielle, who had already been yielded once in the race. Well they did, but when they got lost during a Detour, they ended up last at the pit stop in Macau, China. But in a surprise, it was the final non-elimination leg of the race, keeping them alive, but marking them for elimination next week.

Charla and Mirna were a little taken aback by D&O too -- they told them that had they waited, they would have given D&O some cash with no strings attached.

As it is, the BQ's finished first, Charla and Mirna second, and despite being marked for elimination last week and being yielded this week, Danielle and Eric finished third.

Hopefully, D&E will be eliminated next week. I've tried to like them, but just can't. They are whiney, and while he's fun to look at, he's not got much upstairs and continues to make homophobic statements (though he's probably so dumb he doesn't even realize it).

My prediction: D&O win, Charla and Mirna finish second and the BQ's third.

Pretty please??

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