Monday, April 9, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars

There will be no repeat for Uchenna and Joyce.

The Amazing Race 7 winners were eliminated Sunday night, their fate sealed by missing a connection in Frankfurt on their way to Kuala Lumpur. They knew they would be in trouble if they were delayed at all, and the 10 minutes they lost were enough to knock them out.

The Beauty Queens won the leg, but will have some serious competition next week from Danielle and Eric, who finished third despite being "yielded" by the blondes. Eric had the best line of the night at that point, calling the Beauty Queens "dirty hookers."

Eric and Danielle made up some good time when Oswald and Danny had trouble deciding which Roadblock to to, and it didn't help that Danny was oh so wrong about the cookie challenge. He thought you had to bite into one cookie in each of 600 boxes to find the one box with the licorice, when in fact you had to bite into EACH of the cookies to find the one with licorice. Oh well. They finished fourth.

A surprising second? Charla and Mirna, who continue to confound the experts, me included. I still hope Oswald and Danny win, but part of me wants to see Mirna and Chmirna knock out the Beauty Queens and Eric and Danielle.

Four teams remain ... Who will be eliminated, next?

Beauty Queens photo courtesy CBS

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