Friday, January 25, 2008

The day has arrived ...

... Well, it's here. Ed and I leave early this afternoon for Miami, where we'll board the cruise ship Celebrity Century tomorrow for our trip to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. It'll be our fourth cruise in four years.

I'm telling you, it's the only way to vacation.

Both of us are really looking forward to getting away for awhile. Work for both of us has been a b*tch -- in fact, when we get back Ed will be changing jobs. Lord knows if I could find a new job, I'd be doing the same thing. Josh is here from Arkansas to watch the dogs, and in fact, will be finding a job himself while he's here.

I'll be in contact with all my family while we're gone, especially my sister Sue, who underwent her first chemotherapy treatment yesterday. The doctors told her she'll lose every hair on her body in the next couple of weeks (yikes!). But, she only has to undergo four treatments, which is much less than originally planned. And she's already found a wig.

In the meantime, the latest slice of heaven awaits. Talk to you all in about a week.

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