Monday, January 14, 2008

Amazing Race 12

Finally, they are gone.

Nate and Jen were finally eliminated in last night's episode of The Amazing Race 12, one of the best of the season if not one of the best of the series.

The little blonde and her boyfriend --as we like to call them at work -- went out bickering. So what else is new? They may also be the dumbest competitors ever. Going to Taiwan, they were excited about getting to meet "Thai" friends and eating "Thai" food. Seriously -- people watching this must wonder what the U.S. education system is coming to.

And it was fun to watch them freak out when T.K. and Rachel -- who may be the most mellow, most laid back couple ever on the race -- caught up to them despite the speed bump, which involved running through a field of fireworks. No wins either, despite being in the final four. Oh well. Too bad so sad.

The final leg of this edition begins next week from Taipai, with Mr. Miagi and his daughter in the lead, followed by T.K. and Rachel and Gramps and the Kid ("We've been playing this game like bitches").

Mr. Miagi and his daughter continue to surprise, but my choice to win is T.K. and Rachel, and if not then Gramps and the Kid.

It's going to be a great fight to the finish...

Gramps and the Kid photo courtesy CBS

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