Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank God for Da Bears

Seriously, if I didn't have my Chicago Bears to help me take my mind off the disappointment of the Cubs, I'd probably go crazy. I still can't believe the baseball season is over.

But my Bears are 3-2 (they could easily be 5-0) after yesterday's 34-7 win over the Detroit Lions. My boy Kyle Orton had the best game of his career, the defense is again a monster and rookie running back Matt Forte has been a fantasy football find. Are they Super Bowl-worthy like they were a couple of years ago? Maybe not this year -- I think the NFC road to Tampa is going to end up going through the NFC East (God, please don't let it be the Redskins). But the Bears lead the NFC North, which ain't the strongest division in the NFL. Check out the new Bears widget I've installed at right.

And could there be a funnier commercial than Brian Urlacher ad (at top) for Old Spice Swagger?

The NHL season also begins this weekend (in America anyway) with my Blackhawks in town to face the Washington Capitals. The Capitals are all the rage this year in D.C., so getting a ticket or two to Saturday's game is going to be almost impossible, unless I want to pay like $150 a ticket, which ain't happening. I love hockey and the Blackhawks, but these days I barely have enough money for a six-pack of beer let alone hockey tickets.

So it's a new day and two new sports. The Cubs? Dead to me until the tease begins again in February ...

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