Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Amazing Survivor Race

Why don't people read clues? Geez, with $1 million on the line, I'm reading everything, letter-by-letter.

Leave it to the nerds on The Amazing Race, a couple of guys who I thought were a lot smarter than that, to not read a very important clue -- use your legs not a cab -- and were eliminated in last week's episode that was filmed mostly in Bolivia. Maybe they really do live in the basement of the science building.

So who do I root for now? The Frat Boys? They don't seem to have an elevator that goes to the top floor either. I guess mother and son Toni and Dallas, who finished second, are the ones to root for now. I can't stand the blondes, Terrence & Sarah or Ken & Tina.

It's definite a very good season, despite my early disappointments with the eliminations. Can't wait for Sunday.

As for Survivor, the teams were redrawn and Jacquie ended up being voted out. Charlie, Marcus and Matty are my favorites -- it doesn't hurt that they are easy on the eyes -- and Randy is so obnoxious as to be likeable. But only to a point. He's a smart one and shouldn't be underestimated.

Tonight's episode looks interesting -- somebody disappears before a challenge. Hopefully it's GC. I don't want him hurt, just out of the competition.

Until next time ...

Nerds (Mark & Bill) photo courtesy CBS

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