Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baseball playoffs

I still can't believe the Cubs were ousted in three games again. Which means I could really give a rat's ass about the rest of the postseason.

I was, however, happy to see the Philadelphia Phillies eliminate the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games and advance to their first World Series since 1993. I became a Dodger hater when a couple of guys at work started giving attitude even before the Dodgers played the Cubs in the Division Series. I was told at work last night that one of the guys was taking the Dodgers' ouster pretty hard. Poor baby. I have no sympathy for him or the other guy. Take a lesson from a Cubs fan dude and then you'll know misery. Maybe if you hadn't been so arrogant, I might -- I might -- have felt badly for you. But in this case, you got what's coming to you.

As for the American League, looks like the Tampa Bay Rays (???) are going to move on. If they beat the defending champion Boston Red Sox tonight, they'll host the first two games next week at the Tropicana Dome in St. Petersburg.

Who do I want to win? Who cares? But if I had to choose ...

Go Phillies.

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