Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seattle, here I come

Well, it's official: I will be traveling to Seattle to play for Cobalt Big Blue in the 2008 Gay Softball World Series. Reservations are set.

I'll miss one day of round-robin play, but will get there on Tuesday night, Aug. 26 in time to at least play in Wednesday's round-robin games. If not, I wouldn't be eligible for double-elimination, which starts Thursday.

I'm hoping Ed might be able to come too. His brother has a free ticket on JetBlue that he has to use soon -- it would be nice to take a short vacation together, even if it does involve softball (deep down, I think he likes being with all the people, especially those that don't play).

Anyway, I hope I can help Cobalt. I think they asked me because they think I might be able to do just that. Or they just needed a warm body. In any case, I'm getting pumped.

Check out the Seattle World Series site here.

The photo above is from Saturday's CAPS All-Star Game. We -- the A/B Division All-Stars -- beat a spirited C Division 12-10 in eight innings. We actually trailed 5-1 in the fifth inning before getting our butts in gear. And the C team, which included several Cobalt players, didn't give up either, tying the game in the seventh. That's me on the bottom far right.

More to come as the big trip approaches ...

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