Monday, February 18, 2008

Survivor, Big Brother updates

Hmmm. Watched Big Brother 9 last night and no mention of Neil's departure. Ed says they just haven't caught up with what was already filmed. Though there was a lot less of him and Joshuah on Sunday night. A lot less. I guess Julie Chen will fill us in on the live version Thursday.

In the meantime, what an idiot Jen is. Telling everybody in the house that she and Ryan came into the house as boyfriend/girlfriend pretty much sealed her fate. Even if she wins the Power of Veto on Tuesday, Ryan and Sheila will be voted off. And that's too bad because everybody's finding out that Sheila's not the bad guy in all this.

As for Survivor, the favorites got a bit of revenge by winning immunity this week. Fan Mary was voted off in a blindsided vote that really targeted her strongest alliance, Mikey B, who thought he was running the show. Welcome to Survivor, Mikey B.

And I'm telling you, watch out for Ozzy. He may be the best athlete Survivor has ever had. And it doesn't hurt that he's cute.

And why is there a picture of James from Big Brother? (courtesy CBS)? Nothing in particular. He just makes me laugh.

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