Thursday, September 18, 2008

I told you so ...

... So Dan, the 24-year-old Catholic school teacher, becomes the first winner in Big Brother history to win with a unanimous vote (Memphis never stood a chance, especially after the Q&A session). And he deserved it.

The jury members finally got off their high horses and realized they were beaten by the best player in the game. It took a while, but good for them.

And hey, how about the greeting 75-year-old Jerry got when he showed up at the Jury House? They may have been in California, but it sure looked like they were in northern Canada. In the middle of a winter blizzard.

So another season of Big Brother is over. If The Amazing Race and Survivor weren't starting next week, I'm sure I'd be going into reality TV withdrawal.

While it's well known how much I'd love to be on TAR, BB would be my second choice. I love Survivor, and all the contestants on that show deserve a pat on the back. I just couldn't handle the bugs.

Or the lack of a fan. I'd never sleep.

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