Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Poor Dottie ...

... You know some things in life just aren't fair. Take the case of a dalmatian named Dottie, who my nephew Josh rescued last week.

Dottie's story is very sad, and I'm still not sure I know the whole story: But here's the gist: Dottie was found with three horses -- all of them had their necks slashed, including Dottie. Not sure why, not sure what happened to the horses. But poor Dottie lived through that hell, only to face a prognosis that was anything but good.

But we had hope -- for a while.

By the time Josh got Dottie to the vet yesterday, it was too late. She had suffered kidney failure, and they had to put her down. Dottie was only 2 years old. I told Josh that as sick as Dottie was, she probably really appreciated having at least a few days of peace, quiet and friendliness.

I'm told the guys who did this to her and the horses are in jail, but on other charges. That's all fine and dandy. But to me, justice would be seeing these guys mutilated themselves -- much like they mutilated those helpless animals.

Rest in peace Dottie.

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