Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just stuff ...

... Wanted to get a few things off my chest ...

*Other than the Washington Redskins, the two teams that I hate the most happen to be in Super Bowl XLV on Sunday. Ugh. Steelers vs. Packers. Really?

Several people have asked me who I think will win or who I want to win. I DON'T CARE. I've told these people that I'll only be watching for the commercials this year. Seriously, I have no vested interest in this game, and that's the first time I can ever remember saying that about the Super Bowl.

I mean, it is the biggest game of the year, right? Gazillions of people will be watching, but I'll bet a good portion of them only want to see the commercials too.

OK, OK. I guess if I had to pick ... Steelers 17, Packers 13.

But you didn't read that here.

*So the biggest blizzard in like 40 years hits everywhere else in the country but the Washington, D.C. area. I mean come on! How many storms are we going to miss this year? Maybe last week's thundersnow disaster is all we're going to get this year.

My sister Cheryl in Des Moines was saying they were going to get 10-15 inches. This picture at left is outside her house last night. The Chicago area got something like 30 inches and had winds of more than 50 mph. They were comparing it to the blizzard of 1967, which I remember as I was 7 years old. But if last week's clusterf*ck is an indication, a storm like that around here would shut this area down for days.

After going four days last year with 40 inches on the ground, no power for 4 days and having to listen to the Super Bowl on the radio, I'd say Ed and I can handle it.

Bring it on.

*Can't wait for the next versions of Survivor and The Amazing Race. They both have redemption themes this season, with some people I've loved to hate back to try and win. Survivor is back Feb. 16. TAR returns Feb. 20. Should be fun.

*This stuff going on in Egypt and the Middle East is crazy. Very reminiscent of the Berlin Wall going down. President Hosni Mubarek says he won't run for office again. But that's not enough for the protesters. Let's just hope the violence, which has gotten a bit worse around Cairo today, doesn't get out of hand. And here's hoping that U.S. citizens in Egypt are able to return home safely.

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