Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My sister Sue

I just haven't felt like blogging, and the following is one reason why.

My sister Sue, who turns 51 this year, just found out recently she has cancer. She had lost a bunch of weight, and was down to about 93 pounds when she finally went to the doctor. Doctors think it started in her adrenal gland, and it has now spread to her right lung. She's seeing a surgeon today to talk about her options, so a trip to Little Rock will probably be in short order.

I won't be going to the Gay World Series in Phoenix. The only time off I had for the rest of the year was for that, and it's much more important I use that time to be with Sue and her man Sammy.

She's much too young to possibly be as sick as she is. And despite the fact she's smoked since she was 15, this cancer probably wasn't caused by smoking.

My dad died of lung cancer in 1992 at only 64 years old. My mom died of a heart attack in 1979 and she was only 47.

So there's lots of things for our family to worry about. We just hadn't planned on it so soon...

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